How does online backup work

The Hybrid Private Cloud concept is simple, but is different from almost every other online-offsite backup service provider.  Most do not allow backup to an external device, and peer to peer.  Here’s how it works.  We can potentially use every computer device as either a backup source, or a target/destination.  So for instance, the computer in your office can be backing up files to the computer at your home.  The computer at home, can backup to the cloud.  The variations are endless depending on the number of computer devices you have under your control, or access.

Check out the diagram below.  You’ll see how we backup data between computers at different locations.

This strategy gives you maximum reliability with good speed and recovery times.

Hybrid Private Cloud-Onsite-Offsite-Peer-to-Peer-Datacenter Backup

Backup V.S. Archive

Backup is really just a copy of a file or an entire computer. An archive, is a permanent copy of a data file, document, picture, video or and entire computer hard drive. Most backup providers only save the most current file. keeps all you data forever.

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