Backup’s Dirty Little Secret

The Dirty little secret about Data Backup Business

Mozy® and Carbonite® only keep your data for 30 days! Don’t take our word for it, check out the links below to their own website retention policy website!

Destroyed LaptopIt’s true, if you accidentally delete your Quickbooks Database, Word File, loose your notebook computer or suffer other catastrophic data loss…you only have 30 days to recover to files. So what if you don’t even know your data is lost or corrupted? All your family photos are history…GONE FOREVER!

The difference? keeps ALL you files safe FOREVER!   BackupHound will NEVER delete any data on an active account. Backup Hound archives all your data – we even have versioning.  We promise to NEVER DELETE ANYTHING!  NO 30 day limit.

Get virtually* unlimited Data Backup and Archive FOR EVER For $10 per month for home users and $15 per month for Business. Retention Policy File Retention Policy

Mozy and Carbonite are registered Trade Marks of their respective company’s name.

*Up to 500GB


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Backup V.S. Archive

Backup is really just a copy of a file or an entire computer. An archive, is a permanent copy of a data file, document, picture, video or and entire computer hard drive. Most backup providers only save the most current file. keeps all you data forever.

Enterprise-grade Offsite Backup Features

Your company's most vulnerable data is secure with the scalability, reliability, and rock solid performance with's enterprise quality offsite-online Private Cloud backup solution. Features

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Free trial on Private Cloud backup. We support Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. You can access files from any device including your IPhone, IPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet or any Internet Connected computer. Free Trial

Private Cloud Backup and Archiving

Backup your data to the cloud, to another PC on your premise or backup your office PC to your Home PC and the Cloud. Your choice, one price, for Virtually Unlimited Backup. Compare to Carbonite and Mozy.