About Data Backup

We started BackupHound.com because so many of our clients and friends were having difficulty with backup and
recovery.  Mostly recovery.

Backups don’t matter unless you can recover.  Backup SecurityWhen was the last time you  tried to do a complete recovery of your
critical data?  Most people don’t ever test their backups so they have no clue if  the restore will work, or even if the
backup event functions at all!  Hope is not a strategy for your critical data backup when your files are gone.

Oh, about Mozy and Carbonite.  Good companies, but they’re really after one thing, the margins (PROFIT)!  That’s
why they only store your data for 30 days (90 for MozyPro).  We NEVER Delete any of your data, that’s because we
don’t just make a copy somewhere, we make an archive permanent copy of EVERY file FOREVER!
BackupHound.com cares about your data.  We actually loose sleep so you won’t have to!

BackupHound.com.  Created by IT Service Provider Professionals, we validate your backups, send you email or text
reminders when your machine has stopped backing up for any reason.  You can view, and restore your critical files
from anywhere, with almost any device.